Spidchain wins phase 2 of the BNP Paribas International Hackathon and goes to Paris

On December 18th, SpidChain took part in the Italian semifinal of the BNP Paribas International Hackathon, at LUISS ENLABS’ headquarters in Rome. After winning the previous phase of the competition in June, Spidchain was there to try and win a seat to the final match in Paris.

The five competing teams went up on stage to pitch their solutions in front of the jury and the jury president, BNL Italia vice-president Marco Tarantola, underlying the benefits their projects could offer to BNL itself.

Spidchain CEO Gabriele Marazzi showed how our solutions for a certified digital identity could meet the bank’s needs to guarantee privacy and comply with the most recent international security standards, while also improving the user experience by allowing the users to register to other BNL services and third part services with a login as quick and fast as the Facebook login, but with the perk of having their data already certified by their bank.

The other teams explained their solutions as well, stressing the benefits for the bank:

  • GoSherpy introduced Maître, a project that wants to use gamification to implement lead generation practices and user profiling;
  • Bankon VR would like to use virtual reality to provide the user a realistic and interactive online banking experience;
  • The BB Boyz team (BaasBox) introduced BNL Boon, an app that appeals directly to the desires of the users and shows them how their bank can help making them come true.
  • Last but not least, Mendua presented a marketplace for products in leasing.

At the end of the pitch session, the jury took more time than expected to announce the winners, proving that it was indeed a thoroughly thought decision and not an easy one.

Finally the jury spoke and announced the two teams that will take part in the final phase of the hackathon and that get the €25,000 prize: Spidchain and the BB Boyz! Mendua is still competing in the BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions international chart.

In the four months between the first phase of the hackathon in June and Wednesday’s semifinal, we worked together with experts from BNL and LUISS ENLABS who guided us in order to develop our initial idea into something that efficiently answers tangible needs.

The jury president gave to the two winning teams some valuable advice to optimize their projects for the final match in Paris, in order to present solutions that are actually competitive. From our behalf, we accepted the important feedbacks that BNL offered us and we will work to perfect our solution according to their directions.

Next stop: Paris, for the final match on December 1st, where we will be competing with the best teams from all over the world, those who won the hackathon in the other nine international editions.