GMO Internet Group to Pay Employees with Bitcoin

Receiving your salary in Bitcoin? It's happening.

GMO Internet Group, an international, Tokyo-based group that works in more than ten countries, announced the introduction of a new system that will allow workers to get part of their salary in Bitcoin. The exact amount may vary from 10,000 yen (around $88) minimum to an upper limit of 100,000 yen ($882).

Paying workers with cryptocurrencies may not be groundbreaking news for blockchain and crypto businesses, but the fact that also big companies are adopting cryptocurrencies as a salary option, is a sign of how times are truly changing.

For the time being, the change will be confined to one of the GMO companies, the Japanese GMO Internet Co. Ltd., but the weight of the international group forewarns the possibility of innovation on a larger scale.

The corporation provides internet services to consumers and enterprises, but lately it has also been very active in cryptocurrency services, both for trading and mining. In 2017 GMO launched a cryptocurrency exchange, while the development of hardware for mining should also begin starting from January 2018. Last October GMO had also announced to have scheduled the launch of an ICO.

That said, it looks evident that the group’s decision to offer to its employees the possibility to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin is motivated by the will to push Bitcoin adoption, as an increased Bitcoin adoption means more potential users for their services.

2017 was a particularly intense year for cryptocurrency, which underwent an impressive boom in market cap value and saw the entrance of many new investors and adopters. Japan alone made up for 30-50 percent of cryptocurrency trading. And while not everyone looks at the cryptocurrency phenomenon with the same optimism, it looks like GMO Group is committed to be at the forefront of this change.