Blockchain Roma: Special Edition

Bitnation Roma: P2P Governance Services without Nation-States

On February 6th we held a special Blockchain Roma event, which saw the participation of Erik Vollstädt, Bitnation Global Lead Ambassador.

As you probably know, there is usually one Blockchain Roma event per month, but the last one fell outside the usual monthly schedule, and it was also a no-ordinary event because it was completely dedicated to one guest.

Erik presented the Bitnation project, and explained the goals of the organization and how they intend to achieve those.

As it is known, Bitnation advocates for voluntary, virtual nations that overcome geographical and political borders, governed through decentralized systems implemented through peer-to-peer networks based on blockchain technology.

The so called Pangea Jurisdiction falls into this line of thinking. The name of the project is a clear reference to the prehistoric supercontinent that was progressively teared apart by tectonic shifts until the world came to look like it does today

According to Bitnation’s vision, today’s nation-states are not equipped to face the current challenges of the globalized world, and the way they control their citizens is always at risk of becoming authoritarian. The solution is the Pangea Jurisdiction, a decentralized jurisdiction platform that allows its citizens to build voluntary nations, agree on contracts and access all the services they need.

Bitnation also issued an Ethereum based token, the Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT), which powers the Pangea platform. The token sale is currently open.

The audience’s imagination was clearly stirred up by the scenarios Erik depicted, and the people in the audience asked him a lot of questions, both on legal and technological implication of the project.

The next Blockchain Roma event is scheduled for February 26th, more info will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, sign up for the event on Eventbrite.

Blockchain Roma is organized by Spidchain, in partnership with LUISS ENLABS and Codemotion.