Blockchain Hype or Disruption #9 - February 26th @LUISS ENLABS

The Ninth Blockchain Roma Event

Despite the heavy snowfall Rome witnessed on the 26th of February, the Blockchain: Hype or Disruption ninth meetup was held at the usual location in the LUISS ENLABS conference room found in Termini station. The event organized by SpidChain, in partnership with LUISS ENLABS and Codemotion as always, received further support this month with Bitpanda's sponsorship.

The first speaker to take the stage was Giorgio Maria Mazzoli. He addressed the ICO and ITO phenomena, along with the benefits that can be derived from digital assets. However, he also emphasized the importance of examining all the pertinent legal aspects before embarking on a token sale.

Thanks to technology, problems and controversies related to asset management can be predicted and solved ahead of time: in fact, it's the math itself that determines who the sole owner of a digital asset is, and how the owner is the only beneficiary of the rights attributed to these digital assets. As for the transfer of these assets, all operations and transactions are stored on the Blockchain. With the help of mathematics, the chance of controversies between the parties involved is nonexistent. From the cryptocurrency optic, another advantage is the minimal time required for transfers. For example, buying digital assets using Bitcoin or Ethereum takes places instantly in today's crypto exchanges.

The following speaker was Daniele Monteleone - Blockchain Developer & BTCP Ambassador - who focused solely on Bitcoin Private. Daniele underlined the primary importance of privacy in cryptocurrency. Despite the many altcoins that chose to focus on privacy, Bitcoin Private is still an option that offers unique features. Being the result of a merge between the blockchains of Bitcoin and ZCash, whoever possesses either or both of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies, obtains Bitcoin Private with a 1:1 ratio of both Bitcoin and ZCash. This can be done by downloading Bitcoin Private's official wallet.

Gabriele Marazzi, CEO at Spidchain, ended the evening with a brief talk highlighting the innovations of blockchain technology, addressing several points, such as the potentiality of the blockchain's intrinsic characteristics, and the importance of personal and secure management of private keys.

The next meetup, scheduled for March 26th, will be Blockchain Rome's 10th event. We are waiting for you on this auspicious date! Registration is now open.


[Image credits to Beatrice Ranaldi]