Blockchain Hype or Disruption #8 - January 25th @LUISS ENLABS

The Blockchain Roma Altcoin Event

The first Blockchain Roma event of the new year was the living proof of the rising interest surrounding the blockchain and crypto world. An over-packed room welcomed the speakers of the altcoin-themed event: Gaetano Santaniello for Dash, Remo Bonfante for Lisk, and Stefano Della Valle for IOTA.

Eight months have passed since our first meetup, and many things have changed in the crypto universe. It would not be accurate to say that Bitcoin is now mainstream, but it sure is more popular than it used to be at the time of our first events. Its value passed from $2,000, back in the days, to $18,000/19,000 in December (and it is now back to $10,000/11,000). The number of stories on the news increased similarly, with reports that ranged from sensationalist to scaremongering.

The interest grows, more and more people are getting into this world, and we are glad to see how the Blockchain Roma events have become an essential point of reference.

If now, thanks to newspapers and newscasts, even non-experts have at least heard of Bitcoin, we do know that this is an expanding universe we are talking about, and that there’s more than Bitcoin. The last event has been a chance to dig deeper in this “more”, that is, the altcoin world. We did it with the ambassadors of three popular altcoins, Dash, Lisk and IOTA. The topic is clearly one that raises interest and curiosity, obvious in the active participation of the audience.

The new year started on the right foot, with lots of expectations for the upcoming months, and we will try our best to meet them. Actually, we are already raising the stakes with a surprise event on February 6th.

The event falls outside the usual, monthly schedule, and it will see the participation of a special, international guest: Erik Vollstädt, Bitnation Global Lead Ambassador. Erik will talk about the organization and Pangea Jurisdiction, for peer-to-peer governance without nation-states. The event will be a chance to get back in touch with the most visionary, idealistic side of blockchain technology. Registrations are open, save the date!