Blockchain Hype or Disruption #7 - December 18th @LUISS ENLABS

The Seventh Blockchain Roma Event

In what was the last meetup of the year for the Blockchain: Hype or Disruption series, the focus was on security, a topic that is becoming more and more urgent as the crypto user-base grows and includes less experienced users.

Bitcoin allows us to be “our own bank”, but as good as it sounds, this also comes with responsibilities, Spidchain CTO Federico Squartini reminded us. He explained those security models that should be adopted by whoever manages cryptocurrency. His talk included an overview of the various wallet options and a guide to the best practices to adopt in order to buy and store cryptocurrency safely.

Followed the speech of Umberto Tarantino, Blockchain Education Network co-founder and QuiBitcoin creator. His speech, The Spread of Bitcoin, retraced Bitcoin’s (short) history, from its early days to its late developments, while also mentioning some fun facts. He also tried to answer a pressing question: how is Bitcoin adoption actually going in Italy? We find out that in our country there is a total of 552 merchants who accept Bitcoin payments - and thanks to QuiBitcoin you can find out where they are.

The speech ended with an overview on blockchain technology worldwide, to explore how the technology is actually implemented and what the use cases are, in order to separate the hype from actual innovation - which was the core theme of the Blockchain: Hype or Disruption series from the very beginning, as shown by the word choice in the name.

With his speech Cryptocurrency and Security, co-founder Riccardo Masutti got back to the theme introduced at the beginning of the event: financial freedom comes with a price, and the price is being responsible for one’s own security. Analyzing the various wallet options, we find out that all of them present weaknesses. Does this mean that we are all doomed to see our Bitcoin stolen by some hacker? No, but we need to be actively committed to protect our savings, by staying alert and by taking precautions - if you were not able to attend the event and want to know more about the precautions you should be taking, you can watch Riccardo’s speech, and the whole event, in the live streaming video on the Blockchain Roma Facebook page. Edited videos of the night will soon be published on our Youtube Channel.

The night ended with Coiners co-founder Simone Da Re’s speech, From Theory to Developing Tools: Truffle and Metamask, which, starting from an introduction to smart contract structure, then moved to analyze the two developing tools Truffle and Metamask, underlying virtues and features.

The two young Coiners co-founders won over the audience with their deep knowledge of the topics discussed and with the enthusiasm of someone who truly believes in the disruptive power of these technologies.

Did you enjoy the latest Blockchain Roma Event? Were the speeches interesting for you? Let us know with a comment! Blockchain Roma will be back in 2018 starting from January 25.

Picture by Beatrice Rinaldi