Blockchain: Hype or Disruption #6 - November 27th @LUISS ENLABS

A crowded room awaited for the latest Blockchain Roma Meetup, that has now come to its sixth edition and hasn't lost the enthusiasm and the participation of the first days.

After the usual opening with an introduction about the #AperiTech Meetup series and Codemotion's activities, Federico Squartini, CTO of Spidchain, went up on stage for an in-depth look at blockchain technololgy and, more specifically, everyday use cases. He also mentioned how Spidchain and Eternity Wall both use blockchain technology respectively for digital identity and digital timestamping, thus anticipating the topics of the following speeches. Chiara Baroni, social media manager of Spidchain, discussed the startup's solutions for decentralized digital identity, while Riccardo Casatta, founder of Eternity Wall, explained how the project is now moving from the initial idea of a “wall” to write messages on indelibly - forever locked in the blockchain - towards a more business oriented idea, a digital timestamping with legal value, implemented through the blockchain, in security and without the need of a third-part authority.

This sixth meeting went very technical with the speech of systems architect Giorgio Richelli, who presented a solid introduction to cryptography, which offered to many a chance to approach this topic, but also an occasion for an in-depth look at the most technical and mathematical aspects for the most skilled part of the audience.

Good news: if you cannot physically live without blockchain, know that the next meetup is coming earlier than expected. On December 18th we will meet once again at ENLABS for the last meetup of the year, a last meeting before Christmas, so we don't miss the blockchain too much during the holidays! We will soon announce the guests and the speeches for the next event, but you can already register on Eventbrite.