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Blockchain Roma Lands Etoro Sponsorship

For the last two editions of the Blockchain Roma meetups we were able to rely on the support of Etoro, who decided to sponsor our events and help us in our mission of spreading knowledge about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
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SpidChain @Campus Party

Campus Party is the biggest international festival for technology and creativity. The festival has a strong focus on innovation and attending an event like this really gives you the opportunity to listen to, and get in touch with, those people that are actually working at the forefront, developing those solutions that are changing the world as we know it and will shape the future.
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Bitcoin to the moon?

Is it actually raining bitcoin? More or less. The cause to this and many other tongue-in-cheek headlines was today’s launch of the Blockstream Satellite Network, a satellite network created to beam bitcoin worldwide using satellites.
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