Decentralizing Digital Identity

blockchain for self-sovereign identity


We provide privacy and portability for digital identity. Our services give you the possibility to change an onboarding process that require certified informations and that normally takes some days in a one minute process. We are like a certified “Facebook login” like.

Our Team
  • When cryptography is outlawed,

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    John Perry Barlow
  • We call things we don't understand "complex", 

    but that means we haven't found

    a good way of thinking about them

    Tsutomu Shimomura
  • The Times 03/Jan/2009

    Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

    Satoshi Nakamoto

What We Do

We use the BlockChain technology to improve the digital identity management.

The BlockChain allows us to guarantee the users an extremely high security level, together with an easy and quick access, with significantly lower costs when compared with the current systems.

Software Token

Software Token

We dematerialize access tokens thanks to a tamper-proof software system.

Blockchain Auth

Blockchain Auth

We use the BlockChain to encrypt and certify information.

Identity Management

Identity Management

We improve the digital identity management, making it safer and less expensive.



Machine Learning and Blockchain for KYC SAAS